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  • We use only high quality dog shampoos and fragrances for your pets from trusted suppliers. We have various different types of shampoo in the salon to suit different needs and coat types. If your pet has a vet prescribed shampoo we do request that you pass this to us on the day of the appointment for your dogs bath.

Upon arrival at the salon, your dog will be checked in and the owner will be required to fill out a client form with pet and owners information.

Your pets grooming requirements will then be discussed in depth to ensure we groom to your pets needs.

 Following this, your dog will under go a 7 point health check before having any grooming work done. The next step is a prep clip if this applies.

Your dog is then rested before having a deep cleanse in the bath. Your pet will then be blasted to remove excess water. Dogs always wear 'snoods' for this, to minimise the noise as the blaster can sound scary to a dogs sensitive ears. The dog will then be dried and brushed out thoroughly before having another break.

After another rest the dog will be double checked for matts and to make sure they are fully dry before having their finishing clip and style. This is also when additional services are undertaken such as ear cleaning or nail trimming. Your dog will then be rested again until the arranged collection time by yourself, or the delivery time from ourselves.

​What happens during my dogs time in the salon?

  • Please ensure your dog has had the chance to go to the toilet before their appointment. All dogs are rested during the grooming process and toilet breaks are given, however we like dogs to have the opportunity before arrival too!